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ST. Luke’s CEVA Primary & Nursery School

St. Luke's

Primary & Nursery School

Returning to school

These resources will help to support your child's return to school after lockdown.

  1. cfe-hw-65-what-is-social-distancing-powerpoint_ver_4.PPTX File

  2. t-e-2550245-handwashing-simple-sentence-writing-prompt-pictures-activity_ver_4.PDF File

  3. t-e-2550284b--new-in-it-together-ebook-pdf_ver_1.PDF File

  4. t-e-2550397-were-going-back-to-school-poem_ver_5.PDF File

  5. t-p-812-bubbles-of-gratitude-mindful-colouring_ver_1.PDF File

  6. t-tp-5333-when-should-we-wash-our-hands-handwashing-activity-sheet_ver_1.PDF File

  7. t-tp-7659-to-stay-safe-social-distancing-coloring-sheets-.PDF File

  8. t-tp-2549376-hand-washing-colouring-sheets_ver_1.PDF File

  9. t-tp-2549451-positivity-colouring-pack_ver_1.PDF File

  10. Challenge Cards.PDF File

  11. Courage Is within You.PDF File

  12. Ideas for Learning.PDF File

  13. Jar of Courage.PDF File

  14. Mindful Breathing Dot-To-Dot.PDF File

  15. Mindful Breathing Dot-To-Dot Eco Black and White.PDF File

  16. Mindful Breathing with Teddy.PDF File

  17. Mindful Breathing with Teddy Eco Black and White.PDF File

  18. Mindful Colouring.PDF File

  19. Reading Comprehension.PDF File

  20. Recipe for a Jar of Courage.PDF File

  21. Sequencing Activity.PDF File

  22. Subtraction Colour by Number Worksheets.PDF File

  23. Talk Cards.PDF File

  24. The Making of Milton eBook.PDF File

  25. The Making of Milton Sequencing Cards - Answers.PDF File

  26. The Making of Milton Sequencing Cards - Mixed Up.PDF File

  27. t-tp-2549511-wellbeing-craft---things-to-look-forward-to-jar_ver_9.PDF File

  28. t-tp-2549570-five-minute-boredom-busters_ver_4.PDF File

  29. t-tp-2549887-super-soaps-handwashing-story-powerpoint_ver_5.PPTX File

  30. t-tp-2549948-safe-and-unsafe-returning-to-school-sorting-activity_ver_4.PDF File

  31. Why Soap Works Experiment Instructions Activity.PDF File

  32. Why Soap Works Experiment Medical Advice Disclaimer.PDF File

  33. Why Soap Works Experiment Record Sheet.PDF File

  34. Word Search.PDF File

  35. Worry Monster Craft.PDF File