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ST. Luke’s CEVA Primary & Nursery School

St. Luke's

Primary & Nursery School

Activities and Challenges

Reading Together:
The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown


Simple activities to get stuck into!
(these activities require minimum resources):


Things needed: pencil and paper (colouring pencil is not a requirement.)



Try exercising with the Gonoodle crew. 


Simple Baking

Try easy recipes from the BBC website using simple ingredients from your fridge.

Making origami

Try out origami on YouTube. All you need is paper and your hands.

Become an author

Write and make your own book or comic strip.

All you need are some papers, pencils and colouring pencils.

Build 3D shapes

You will need: Paper, Pencil ruler (or a straight edge) and glue

Create a town in a cardboard box town 

Home cinema

Get the family together to watch a movie on TV

Get the popcorn ready

Get some drinks