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Fun activities to do at home with your child/ren! 


Take a tray or a bowl. Fill it with rice and provide your child with a range of resources for them to explore : spoons, bowls, cups, balls, toys - anything you can think of really. While exploring you can use language related to capacity (example- the blue bowl is full and the orange is half full). 

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A classic indoor game that children love. Encourage your child/ren to count to 10 when seeking.

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Transform any room into a gym and create some age-appropriate sports stations. You can put a trail of paper sheets on the floor which the kids have to walk over without touching anything else but the paper.  You can children to jump while counting each jump. 

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At home yoga -



Cooking can help children learn and build language skills. The experience of creating meals with you can help give them a sense of responsibility. It also helps develop their fine motor skills. 

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Reasons to cook with your child-



Watch the NHS wash your hands video for young children- 

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