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Phonics Scheme




Evidence ME

Evidence Me is an assessment, observation and reporting app. It shows the impact of children’s learning by capturing learners’ experiences, monitoring their development and creating reports to share their progress. 

Please aim to upload a minimum of 2 videos or pictures of your child’s start moments. This can include them attempting the home learning tasks set on the nursery website, or it could be other activities.

Examples of pictures/videos to upload

-Your child drawing

-Your child reading a book

-Your child playing with their toys 

-Your child helping with self-care routines (ie putting on their shoes independently) 

-Your child ordering their toys according to the sizes (biggest to smallest)

-Your child distinguishing different sounds around the house

Zones of Regulation 

The Zones of Regulation is an intervention which helps children to manage difficult emotions. We use The Zones of Regulation in Nursery to help children label emotions and understand that emotions might influence which Zone they are in. 

The Zones of Regulation - Forty Hill C.E. School