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ST. Luke’s CEVA Primary & Nursery School

St. Luke's

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Things to do - links

Below are links to a range of safe on-line activities for children.

Fun & Games

A selection of original, hand drawn colouring sheets, puzzles, and activities to help you keep your children entertained. These are all free to download for you to print and share, and are perfect for parents, teachers and carers of children.

Prongo -Lots of different games for age groups 3 to 6, 6 to 9 and 9 to 12.

A great list of maths games, compiled by this award-winning school web site.

Pauly's Playhouse - Pauly's Playhouse features online interactive games and activities for children aged 3 and up.


Woodlands Trust (primary school maths - all areas) 

BBC Numeracy activities ages 5-11

Multiplication Games 

Times-Tables grid games

Puzzle maths – Some great interactive maths games for children ages 7-11

Cool Maths for kids ages 6-11

Rain Forest Maths – interactive activities ages 4 -11

Nrich – problem solving website

BBC – Little animals activity centre ages 4-8