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Y6 News

Dear Year 6 parents and carers,

Thank you for all your help over the last two weeks as we all adjusted to the new situation we all find ourselves in. It has been great to see the level of engagement from the children with their home learning which wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you.

Over the Easter holidays I won’t be updating Google Classroom with new lessons each day. I will post new lessons from April 21st which is the start of the summer term. If children have any work left to do from the past two weeks they can complete that and hand it in as ‘homework’. 

For other home learning activities please see the main page of our website which has some useful links. Below are also some more links and suggestions that might work well for Year 6 children. If you want to share any of the great work they do feel free to send it to

I hope you all have a happy and safe Easter.


Mr Brown

                      Easter home learning websites and video channels


Maths No Problem are currently working on providing help for parents. Here is a link to some articles and blogs that help with mastery maths at home:

Maths No Problem also have their own Youtube channel which you can subscribe to here:


I have set lots of work for the children on topics we have covered this year. I will regularly check the leaderboards and see how well the children are doing and let them know.

Top Marks and Hit The Button 

These are great for daily mental maths practise:


The Maths Factor

This website, endorsed by Carole Vorderman, is offering free memberships at the moment.


There are also some great ideas for fun maths games that don't need a computer here:


The children can complete differentiated reading comprehension quizzes (They all know their logins) and vocabulary games here:

I have also set them some daily creative writing tasks on Google Classroom.

Reading books - it sounds simple but the single best thing children can do to improve their English is read a book. They should all have one from our classroom book corner. If they finish that ask them to finish Holes and then begin After Tomorrow by Gillian Cross (both of which I sent every child home with a copy).


It would be nice if the children could record a diary of how they celebrate Easter and why it is an important time of year to Christians. It is up to you and them how they do it. Here are some suggestions:

They could just use pencil/pen and paper. 

They could produce a drawing or painting or illustrated story. 

They could make a PPT/slideshow or they could type it up. 

They could make a short video. 


Follow Maddie Moate on youtube. She is posting science lessons and discussions daily on her channel.

For those of you on twitter there is a teacher you can follow. Search for @MrsBpriSTEM, she is posting daily science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) projects. For those of you not on twitter I have made some of her activities into a PDF file 'Science Projects' which you can download below.


Try subscribing to and following Jonny Walker from Otherwise Education who has taught in Newham and has worked closely with St-Luke’s this year on a writing project. Here are some of the geography quizzes (in order) he has done and you can do a home with your children.


Keeping children active is obviously important for many reasons. 

Joe Wicks is posting daily exercise routines which parents can join in with too!

From next week, Yorkshire Sport Foundation are also starting to produce some videos that explore more skill-based aspects of the PE curriculum that can be done at home or in limited space. You can find their videos here:

Extra resources

Maths - Please find below some worksheets that the children can use to revise the maths topics we have covered this year. 

Spellings - Ask the children to practise using our 'look, cover, write, check' strategy using the attached list below. If they practise 10 at a time that will help them learn a wide-range of words.