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ST. Luke’s CEVA Primary & Nursery School

St. Luke's

Primary & Nursery School

Maths Mastery

“It is our firm belief that every child CAN and WILL succeed in mathematics at St. Luke’s.”
Mastery in mathematics is not about achieving ‘Greater Depth’ or full marks in every test. It is about pupils gaining a deep and solid understanding of the mathematics they learn. Read more on our Maths Mastery link below.

Since September 2018, the school has been following a Singapore-based approach to maths in the form of 'Maths-No Problem!' (MNP). See links below:


Journaling at St Luke’s

Spiral Approach by topic with Maths-No-Problem

Journaling within Maths-No-Problem program

Maths-No-Problem Calculation Policy

Maths Vocabulary with Maths-No-Problem

Maths-No-Problem Mastery Approach

SEND with Maths-No-Problem