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Nursery News

Welcome to our Nursery News Page! Please visit our page weekly for updates and important information. 

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     -PE is every Tuesday, so please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing

     -Spare clothing must be provided for Nursery pupil/s

PE with Ms Adams







Stars of the week 

Well done to Huldah for creating this fantastic Supertato Characters! I can really see all the effort you have put into your work! 

Well done for helping your mum bake a cake! It is lovely to see you developing both your gross motor and fine motor skills while baking!





Home Learning Week 4- Spring 1 


Please click on the PDF below to access the Home Learning Task

Threading with giant cardboard beads

Toddler threading beads fine motor activity

Play a hide and seek game to find the matching pairs

Matching pairs hide and seek sensory tub game for toddlers!


Evidence Me 



Please aim to upload a minimum of 2 videos or pictures of your child’s start moments. This can include them attempting the home learning tasks set on the nursery website, or it could be other activities.

Examples of pictures/videos to upload

-Your child drawing

-Your child reading a book

-Your child playing with their toys 

-Your child helping with self care routines (ie putting on their shoes independently) 

-Your child ordering their toys according to the sizes (biggest to smallest)

-Your child distinguishing different sounds around the house

-Your child expressing different emotions 

-Your child talking about similarities and differences between themselves and a parent/sibling 

-Your child building a tower

-Your child counting objects

-Your child giving meaning to the marks they make

-Your child using tools for a purpose 

-Your child recognising initial sounds

-Your child singing/dancing

-Your child playing with an instrument 

-Your child role playing 

-Your child exploring the outdoor area

-Your child expressing their interests


Reading with Miss Yeter - We're going on a bear hunt





Well done   for selecting resources to create art work. It is amazing to see how hard you have worked to create your alien model. Keep it up!